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2009 - 2010 troop calendar
.... in progress

T-385 permission slip
.... in progress
Should be used for all outings and handed out one month prior to outing so that Scouts can return signed slip with fees at least two weeks before outing.

Universal camping list
Presented as a master list from which to plan your outing-specific checklist. In other words, we know you won’t be needing many of the listed items for your particular outing. Our experience, however, is that the list probably already includes the one item you will forget to bring! Carefully check this list when you think you’re all packed and ready to go.

Code of conduct
(2009-2010 revision) A formal addendum, shall we say, to the Scout Oath and Law.

Menu planner for patrols
This two page document includes a completed sample as well as a blank that Scout should use for menu planning, budgeting , and shopping.

Troop registration/renewal form
. . . In case you deleted that e-mail with the form we need to have completed each year. Updated for 2010.

Working on your Eagle rank?

Life to Eagle checklist ==> Word file (MAC)Word file (PC)PDF file
For those Life Scouts in Ojibwa District (Samoset Council) who want to be sure they are following the correct sequence of events on their way to earning the Eagle Rank, completing their Leadership Project in an approved manner, and wishing to avoid some of the common pitfalls experienced by others along the path to Eagle.

Eagle candidate's letter of recommendation (LOR)
This is a fillable PDF document. AFTER you download the file you may send it as an attachment to an e-mail that you send to the person who you have already asked to write your LOR. Do not simply send one of these individuals a link to this page! They should not need to search for this form. If someone does not have e-mail access or wishes to complete the form by hand, you should download the file, fill in that portion that you can fill in yourself on the computer, and then deliver the hard copy to the individual in question.

Unit's Evaluation of Candidate's Project Leadership
The person assigned by the troop Advancement Chair should read this BEFORE the Eagle candidate begins his project and then needs to sign off and complete the appropriate areas of the form when the project is completed.

Sample documents from other Scouting units
Troop 501 handbook (Naperville, IL)
* Troop 608 patrol box inventory sheet
* Troop 5 handbook (Wilmette, IL)

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